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Acacia Honey

Acacia Honey

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Flavour: Mild, very light delicate Acacia blossom

*This Honey is crystallised and may not look like the same as the picture
Crystallisation is a normal process that happens in natural honey.

Size: 350g

Acacia Honey is a Mono-Floral Honey.

The colour of Acacia Honey is crystal clear, slightly yellow or greenish in some vintages. The smell of Raw Acacia Honey is identically acacia flower scent. It's pure flavour and aroma makes it unique, taste sweeter than most honey, while its acidity is lower. Raw Acacia Honey is rich in fructose, so it's crystallising slower, stays runny for 1-2 years.

Health benefits of Raw Acacia Honey

  • upper respiratory tract diseases
  • immune booster
  • digestive disorders
  • detoxification, liver regenerative
  • bone strength

The Raw Acacia honey contains Robinin and Akacine, therefore, it has a good general disinfectant effect, detoxifying and antitussive effect. In the case of heartburn can be effective. The fructose in the honey helps liver regeneration, detoxifying and can help muscle relaxation.

Harvested: The Region of the Danube River

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